Anyone who sweats quickly in the summer and who sometimes even feels the temperatures too high knows the joy when he passes an ice cream parlor and can refresh himself there. But often the joy is quickly taken again if the ball ice costs 2 € or the quality is not right. In the worst case, both come together. This is annoying and can be avoided by simply buying a professional ice cream machine for yourself at home. We tell you what to look for.

professional ice cream maker

Professional ice cream machines for the home

Before you buy an ice cream machine, you should think of a few things. How much ice do you want to make at one go? How much money do you want to spend on an ice cream machine? Does the ice machine have to be hung in the kitchen and is there enough room for a fixed place to install it? And how fast and easy should ice production go? All this plays a role in the purchase. Depending on that, you then have to opt for a small, cheap ice maker with freezer or a larger ice machine, which is usually operated with a compressor. In the following section, we explain the difference.

Types of ice machines

The smaller professional ice machines with freezing containers are usually available from just 20 €. They can be quickly set up and dismantled in the kitchen, or put somewhere else and hardly weigh anything. The disadvantage, however, is the capacity, as well as the freezer. So you can usually only produce about 0.5 liters of ice with a small machine. Larger machines can make up to 2 liters!. You can also use a cone maker for your ice cream.

The freezer is actually the biggest drawback, as it has to be changed again and again if you have made a serving of ice cream. Then he has to go back to their freezer for a few hours, or even a full day, so that the coolant contained in them cools down to the necessary cooling temperature. Only then can you put it back into the machine and make ice again.

Large machines are usually equipped with a compressor and cool down the ingredients electrically to make the ice cream. The large machines are recommended despite their size and weight, as they simply produce more ice in a shorter time and have a longer life. Bear in mind that some compressors can be very noisy. But you do not make ice cream all day long. Or is it? In summer this is allowed!